The Firearm Safety and Training Council Limited is a registered training organisation approved under NSW Police and ASQA.

Pre-licence Qualification Course

The course delivered solely by the FSTC is the pre-eminent firearm safety training course in Australia. It is a standard pre-requisite for the issue of a firearms licence under the Firearms Act 1996.

Revised in 2016 to ensure currency and best practice, it deals thoroughly with the theoretical and practical requirements for licensing and does not include live-firing. You should act on the Certificate within 12 months of completion. All materials for the course are supplied.

Advanced Courses

The FSTC has numerous courses for the more advanced shooter and you should ring or email the office and discuss your needs.


National standards delivered by the Firearm Safety and Training Council Limited are:


Category A and B firearm safety,
Category C firearm safety,
Category D firearm safety,
Category H firearm safety, (for licensing in Qld)

Vertebrate Pest Control Officers Course

Aerial Shooting

Other courses officially recognised by NSW Police include:


Tranquilliser training
Pistol Handlers Course


The FSTC has a multitude of clients including:

Department of the Environment and Climate Change,
Pest and Livestock Control Authority,
University of Sydney,
Sydney Airport,
Local Councils, and Wildlife organisations
Air Force Cadets


Each of these organisations required a purpose –designed course to suit their particular firearm usage. Ring the Council and discuss your requirements.

Firearm Safety and Training Council Ltd

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