NSW Pre-Licence Qualification Course

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This course is available to all Fit and Proper persons who wish to gain a NSW Firearms Licence.

This online course requires that you to complete a practical component with an approved trainer. A list of trainers in your area was emailed to you when you registered.

The course is accredited by the NSW Firearms Registry and is available State-wide through a network of highly experienced Firearm Safety and Training Council and NSW Police-accredited firearm trainers. The course will prepare you for ownership and usage of a firearm including providing the skills necessary to safely handle a firearm.

All successful participants receive a Statement of Attainment that covers the legislated training requirement for the issue of a firearm licence.

The course consists of Five (5) lessons , each with a varying number of topics and each lesson is followed with a Quiz. You must complete each Quiz before moving onto the next lesson. If any one of your answers is incorrect, you must return to the start of the lesson to review your answers and re-do the quiz.

Once you successfully complete the course, you will receive a download showing completion which you should take along to your nominated trainer when you do the practical component.

The course will take you approximately two hours and, once logged in, you may leave and return as you see fit picking up where you left.