Membership Administration & Management


How long has your club or organisation been struggling with the endless detail of managing your membership?

Despite your best efforts, the endless mountain of administration may be getting the better of you and, as a result, your organisation will suffer the consequences.


The Firearm Safety and Training Council Ltd has years of experience in managing the most complex of membership processes and it will cost you far less than you think.

Below is a typical outline of the service that can be provided:

  • In discussion with you we design the membership management process.
  • We database your membership ensuring the critical information you require is included
  • We design your renewal proforma.
  • We issue the renewal at the agreed date (s).  This may be by mail or, preferably, by email or sms.
  • We receive payments and update the database.
  • We conduct your bank deposits and provide you with a weekly banking certificate.  You can then later reconcile this against your account statement. We do not retain any capacity to make withdrawals or issue cheques unless you authorise us.
  • We create (if you wish) annual certificates/badges/cards and issue to renewed members.
  • We can design and have printed annual or regular newsletters and issue to members.
  • We follow-up late renewals.
  • We provide you with a regular membership list
  • We process new memberships.

This list gives you the opportunity to self-audit your current process.  If you’re falling short on too many of these actions, your membership is at risk. Call us for an informal discussion on how we can help: 02 9486 3077

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