Use Firearms To Humanely Destroy Animals

AHCPMG304 – Use firearms to humanely destroy animals

Until now there has been very little formal training available to professional shooters who specialise in the control of pest and feral animals.

How do you select a pest controller who can do the job?

The Firearm Safety and Training Council Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and has eliminated a lot of the guesswork in this process by offering formal training and accreditation for professional shooters under the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisation. Completion of the course awards credits towards the nationally recognised AHC21016 Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management.

It is the only qualification of its kind and incorporates both theoretical and practical elements of training which are designed to produce a well-rounded, balanced and safe operator. These elements include:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Risk Management and Task Planning
  • Humane Destruction Protocols
  • Legislation relating to the Use of Firearms and related OH&S issues.
  • Shooting Accreditation for both Rimfire and Centrefire Rifles.

1 Day Course
Fee – $660.00 incl GST. All attendees must enrol online unless payment is by corporate invoice then email – training@firearmtraining.com.au.

AHCPMG304 – Humane Destruction Re-accreditation

We apply the principle of continuous improvement in all our work and it is no more important than in professional firearms use.
It is crucial the user  maintains knowledge of best practice procedures and their skill level remains at industry standard.
1 Day Course
Fee – $330.00 incl GST. All attendees must enrol online. If payment is by corporate invoice, simply leave the fee amount as nil.

If you are a professional shooter and you feel the need to upgrade your formal qualifications this course is highly recommended for you. If you are entering the feral animal-control industry this course is essential for your professional development.

If you are an employer and you have a feral animal problem call the Council on (02) 9486 3077 and we will refer you to an operator who holds our accreditation.

The course is offered in regional centres so that the cost and time in travelling is kept to a minimum.

To make your booking for the course simply enrol below for the course and location that suits.  We will confirm your registration.

Schedule of Courses – 1 Day – 2024

Wodonga   –     19 February, 8 April, 14 October, 25 November

Hornsby     –     8 February, 20 June, 31 October

Warialda      –   19 April, 16 August, 8 November

Armidale      –   20 April, 17 August, 9 November

Griffith          –   14 February, 22 May, 11 September

Narromine    –   19 March, 7 August

Mudgee        –   19 March, 7 August

Canberra       –   11 March, 9 July

Broken Hill     –   15 May, 4 September