Use Firearms For Pest Control Activities From Aircraft

AHCPMG311 – Use Firearms for Pest Control Activities from Aircraft

This is a nationally accredited course.

Unit Descriptor:

This unit covers the process of conducting a range of pest control activities from the air and defines the requirement to: discuss arrangements with ground crew and pilot safely; handle and use weapons while on an aircraft; carry out shooting or baiting of nominated pests according to directions, if applicable; maintain a high degree of accuracy and accountability in actions.

The 311 competency will be conducted in the Albury/Wangaratta area during 2024, dates TBA.

The program is:

Day 1: Theory and Theory Examination

Day 2:  Ground Helicopter Training

Day 3:  Ground Live Firing (own Firearms)

Day 4:  Helicopter Shooting and Final Accreditation

Participants are expected to have a high standard of firearm handling skills and marksmanship ability.  You must be assessed as competent to undertake helicopter shooting at the conclusion of Day 3. 

If you are assessed as not ready for helicopter shooting, you will be asked to leave the course and will receive a refund of the live helicopter component. 

Your equipment must include:

– Category D firearm (licenced and registered) incorporating brass catcher, quick release sling and red dot scope at one power
– .308 projectiles, 150 grain and hollow point
– Robust Cotton Clothing (long sleeves, long trousers)
– Work Boots
– Ear and Eye Protection
– Accommodation, catering and transport is at your own expense for the duration of the course

The course fee is TBA – payable on registration

The course complement is 10 persons

Any registrations over 10 will be refunded.

 Call the Council on 02 9486 3077 for course availability.

           Participants must hold a Category D licence and have successfully completed the competency – AHCPMG304 – Use firearms to humanely destroy animals.

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