Pre-Licence Qualification Course

NSW Pre-Licence Qualification Course

This course is available to all Fit and Proper persons who wish to gain a NSW Longarms Firearm Licence.

The course is accredited by the NSW Firearms Registry and is available State-wide through a network of highly experienced Firearm Safety and Training Council and NSW Police-accredited firearm trainers. The course will prepare you for ownership and usage of a firearm including providing the skills necessary to safely handle a firearm.

The course consists of a theory module and a practical handling module.  Your must complete both components before you can obtain a Statement of Attainment.  The cost for an adult is $154.00

Sign up online by clicking the – Enrol Now – button.  Once you have completed the enrolment form and paid, you will receive an email with your logon details. Please complete all 5 lessons. Once you have completed this, please print the certificate for the theory component, which you then take to a trainer in your local area to complete the practical component.

You also have the option to call your local trainer and do the full course (both theory and practical) with the trainer if this is more suitable.

If you are a minor (under 18 years) you cannot register online as the theory questions vary to that of an adult.  The price for a minor is $77.00. Please call the office on 02 9486 3077 to obtain a local trainer.

All successful participants receive a Statement of Attainment that covers the legislated training requirement for the issue of a longarms firearm licence.

YOUR FIRST STEP is to click on the ENROL NOW Button and complete the enrolment form online. 

Note: If you answer “YES” to any of the questions in Section B – Personal History – you will be unable to undertake the course at this time.  

To have your case adjudicated, download and complete the NSW Firearms Registry P650 form and send the form to:
NSW Firearms Registry, Locked Bag 1, MURWILLUMBAH, NSW, 2484 for their adjudication.

Depending on the circumstance they may then issue you with an approval to complete the cour

Already enrolled?


Your options for a licence must come from the following genuine reasons, each of which has to be justified with documentary evidence (Club membership, for example, for Target Shooting):

  • Sport/Target Shooting
  • Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control
  • Collecting
  • Business
  • Animal Welfare
    • RSPCA
    • Veterinary
    • Transporter/Other handler of animals
  • Primary Production
  • Rural Land ownership/employment
  • Vertebrate Pest Animal Control
    • Government
    • Contractor
    • Primary Producer

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