Use Firearms To Safely and Humanely Harvest Wild Game

This is a nationally accredited competency and is required for kangaroo harvesting.

Unit Descriptor:

This competency covers the skills and knowledge required to harvest animals humanely and defines the standard required to identify the species to be harvested, prepare and handle ammunition and weapons safely, ensure the harvesting area is clear and notifications have been made where necessary. Harvest the animal using a shot to a body site appropriate to the target species that causes instant death and is prescribed in the relevant code of practice.


From 2018, this competency has been the base qualification for the use of firearms in kangaroo harvesting.  It is a full-day course with both theoretical and practical components.

Prerequisites.  The following are prerequisites for the course:

  • You must have registered for the course.
  • You must hold a current Category B licence for Recreational Hunting, Business or Vertebrate Pest Animal Control.
  • You must possess a minimum .222 Remington or .204 Ruger centrefire rifle.

FEE – $528 Inc. GST

Kangaroo Harvester Re-Accreditation:

Kangaroo Harvester Re-Accreditation can be complete at the same venue and dates. You must complete re-accreditation prior to 31 December of your fifth year of accreditation.

FEE – $283.47 Inc. GST

Schedule of Courses – 1 Day – 2024

Wodonga   –     19 February, 8 April, 14 October, 25 November

Hornsby     –     8 February, 20 June, 31 October

Warialda      –   19 April, 16 August, 8 November

Armidale      –   20 April, 17 August, 9 November

Griffith          –   14 February, 22 May, 11 September

Narromine    –   19 March, 7 August

Mudgee        –   19 March, 7 August

Canberra       –   11 March, 9 July

Broken Hill     –   15 May, 4 September