Noise Moderation

What is noise moderation as it applies to firearms?

Diagram 4 shows the split second after the gunpowder has been ignited inside the cartridge. The pressure build-up forces the projectile from the crimped cartridge, along the rifling of the barrel to exit the muzzle. The projectile is followed by the mass of gas generated by the burning gunpowder and manifests itself as muzzle blast.

It is a raw, potentially damaging sound which can be easily managed and moderated with today’s technology. Even a three-decibel reduction in noise output gives a welcome relief. We believe moderation of 20 to 30 decibels is achievable.

The benefits of this are significant:
• Reduction in noise pollution to the environment
• Reduction in potential damage to hearing
• Less agitation engendered in target animals
• Less recoil giving better accuracy
• Greater efficiency in hit rates

Diagram 4 – Noise Moderation

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Why MAE Use Stainless Steel

The internal workings of the MAE centre-fire moderators are permanently sealed and do not require disassembly for cleaning.

The sealed units prevent incorrect disassembly and assembly of the components which can lead to misalignment causing bullet-strike, and accuracy problems.

We choose to craft all our centre-fire products using 100% 304L stainless steel.

The reason being is that our centre-fire range of moderators caters for a wide variety of calibres, and we wish to ensure all our valued customers are provided with a durable product.”

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