How to Apply for a Longarms Licence

Applying for your Longarms Firearm Licence in NSW

The first big step in getting your longarms firearm licence is to complete your pre-licence qualification course.

The course consists of a theory module which you will complete here and a practical module which you will complete with your allocated trainer.  We will then send you a Statement of Attainment which you will upload with your licence application.

Your trainer has been advised to you on enrolment.  If the trainer is not available, please call us on 02 9486 3077.. 

Genuine Reasons

You may wish to apply for any of the allowable “genuine reasons”

  • Target Shooting (must join a target shooting club)
  • Recreational hunting and vermin control (Hunting approved club or permission from land owner)
  • Primary production (registered primary producer)
  • Rural land ownership (rural land ownership or occupation)
  • Collecting (collecting club member)
  • Business (firearms related to business or employment under Firearems Act)
  • Vertebrate pest animal control (professional contract shooter, government agency or primary producer) and
  • Animal Welfare (related to animal welfare or transporter of animals


Other documents you may need to complete online licensing are:

  • Target shooting – club membership letter or card
  • Recreational Hunting – club membership letter or card or letter of approval to shoot on a person’s property or copy of your rates Notice if your own rural land
  • Any other documents relating to your genuine reason(s)

These documents need to be available for uploading.  We suggest you:

  • Scan documents into your computer
  • Save documents to desktop /C drive / or document file
  • If you don’t have scanning facilities, inquire at your Post Office, Library, or Service NSW and scan and save to a USB
  • Insert the USB into your computer for uploading or
  • Use your Smartphone to apply, photograph your documents and upload

Service NSW

Now visit and login or create an account.  You will need a password and an email address.

  • On MyService NSW dashboard click on “Services”
  • Click “NSW Police Force”
  • Select your preferred means of identification eg drivers licence
  • Follow the prompts

You will need a credit card for payment at the end of the application.

The Firearms Registry will send you a receipt for your application

Issue of Longarms Firearm Licence

Your application will be processed after a 28 day cooling-off period and when approved by the Firearms Registry you will receive a letter asking you to attend the nearest Services NSW office to have your photo-licence issued.

The cost of a 2- year licence is $100.00

The cost of a 5-year licence is $200.00

If you require assistance or are unable to contact the Firearm Safety and Training officer, please give the office a call on 02 9486 3077 during business hours.

Call Us Now on 02 9486 3077