How to Apply for a Licence

Step 1
Contact the Firearms Registry

Ring the Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 and request your application for a firearms licence. or click on the link below to request your Firearms Licence online:

Request for Firearms Licence Application Form

You may wish to apply for any of the allowable “genuine reasons” that suit your needs which are:

  • Target shooting (must join a target shooting club),
  • Recreational hunting and vermin control (Hunting approved club or permission from land owner),
  • Primary production (registered primary producer),
  • Rural land ownership (rural land ownership or occupation),
  • Collecting (collecting club member),
  • Business (firearms related to business or employment under Firearms Act),
  • Vertebrate pest animal control (professional contract shooter, government agency or primary producer), and
  • Animal Welfare (related to animal welfare or transporter of animals).

Step 2 Contact the Firearm Safety and Training Council

Enrol in the Pre-Licence Qualification Course. Alternatively, contact the Firearm Safety and Training Council Limited on 02 9486 3077 and we will direct you to your nearest accredited training officer. Alternatively send us an email and let us know your nearest main centre. We will also arrange your membership of an appropriate shooting club if necessary. The Australian Target Shooters Club will suit most new shooters. View and join online at

Step 3
Complete your safety training course

The course delivered by the Firearm Safety and Training Council is the pre-eminent safety training course in Australia.

It involves both theoretical aspects and practical handling but does not include live-firing. All materials for the course are supplied.

On successful completion you will achieve a Statement of Attainment which should be acted upon within 12 months.

Your training officer will ask you to complete a Form P650 prior to the commencement of the course – see form attached – to ensure you are eligible to undertake the course. If you answer “YES” to any question in Section B, you will require Firearms Registry adjudication to undertake the course.

Complete your safety training course. All material supplied. Your training officer will ask you to complete a Form P650 before undertaking the course.

Step 4
Send your application to the Firearms Registry


Once you complete the course, two copies of your Statement of Attainment will be posted to you. One copy is for you to keep and the other is posted to the Firearms Registry along with your Application for a Firearms Licence::

Firearms Registry
Locked Bag 1

Step 5
Issue of Firearms Licence

Your application will be processed after a 28 day cooling–off period and when approved by the Firearms Registry you will receive a letter asking you to attend the nearest Services NSW office to pay for and have your photo-licence issued.

The cost of a 2 year licence is $100

The cost of a 5 year licence is $200

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